Precision Boring

Accuromm USA manufactures a variety of high quality precision boring services, from prototype production to full runs.Accuromm USA offers a variety of boring tools.  From prototype production tools full runs tools, our Accuromm team can handle complex tools and achieve high-quality results.  Since 1989, we've combined innovation and technology to solve the complex problems of Fortune 500 companies across all sectors of the global economy.  As a custom component machining and manufacturing company, we have the technology and expertise to reduce costs and shorten lead times for our customers.  Accuromm products are high in quality and exceed customer expectations.  Contact us to see how our capabilities fit your project’s unique design and manufacturing requirements.

Boring can be broken up into several subtypes, designated by the tools used and the types of hole being bored.  Boring processes can vary according to the desired shape of the final hole. Multi-feature holes can be bored with the right tools, including stepped bores, chamfers and counter bores. Arguably the most important difference between one boring job and another is the cutting tool used. Accuromm cutting tools can be used on milling centers, turning centers or dedicated boring machines.  Our expert staff at Accuromm strives to provide our customer with the best specialty/custom boring tooling, while maintaining a consistently higher level of customer service.

Boring reduces tolerances and improves precision in large runs of cast products or machined products. The process is highly regarded for its accuracy.  If holes have not yet been started, a less accurate process like drilling is often used before boring.  As specialists in the precision machining industry, Accuromm is able to assist with the tooling for high-volume production runs utilized during dual spindle technology as well as prototype work. We provide unmatched boring tooling and service.

Step boring tools have inserts which are set at different heights and diameters, allowing machinists to enlarge existing bores or add features, all while bringing holes within precise finish limits and tolerances.  Precision driven industries such as aerospace and automotive are no longer concerned purely with hole accuracy but also the positional accuracy of the hole.  Boring heads do not follow the drilled hole, but will accurately position the hole on the centerline of the machine spindle, giving true positional accuracy and ensuring production of a perfect component.

Accuromm has the tools to provide stepped bores with accuracy and precision.  Whether you have a one-piece prototype or a large production run, you can trust Accuromm to meet your deep hole needs and deliver quality results.  Our team members are experts in boring. We offer tooling that can complete complex parts machining within tight tolerance levels for low- and medium-volume machining projects.

Accuromm USA specializes in deep hole boring & drilling services to meet customer needs.  When it comes to boring … there’s no other manufacturer better than Accuromm USA. Contact us at