About Accuromm

Our History

Accuromm USA, Inc. was instituted in 1989 and began production in December of the following year. It is no coincidence that Accuromm was founded in Lexington, Kentucky just 15 miles to the south of Toyota Motors first manufacturing facility established in the United States. This facility offered Accuromm USA the foundation to begin its business in the United States. Of course, Accuromm combined with our parent company, Fuji Seiko Ltd. of Japan, supports many other customers in the US other than Toyota Motor, but Japanese transplant company business is a large portion of our business in the United States. As with any company, our parent company Fuji Seiko works closely with the engineering team members in Japan as we do here in the USA to find the best solution for their complete machining requirements or a just to find a robust productivity or quality solutions.

Together Accuromm and Fuji Seiko Ltd. of Japan, bring more than 60 years of experience in the metal cutting fields to every assignment. With our world-wide network of sister companies, we are large enough to fill complex orders, yet flexible enough to turn around an order in weeks - even days.

Accuromm offers custom design and small lot production capabilities, using the pull system manufacturing type strategy of at our plant in Lexington, Kentucky. Combining stateside resources with the capabilities of our parent company Fuji Seiko Ltd. of Japan, Accuromm delivers total tooling for high precision machining. Accuromm takes special pride in the company's ability to design and manufacture accurate tooling "from the hole up."

Designate to our Accuromm engineers the features of your complex workpiece and the accuracy requirement needed, and they'll develop the custom tooling needed for your unique requirements. They will supervise the production of prototypes and develop a proposal to produce the right tools for your job. Ultimately, Accuromm backs up our proposal with outstanding service and timely delivery.

Our desire is to exceed your expectations.