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PCD G-Drill,G-Reamers and Brazed Cutter
PCD and Carbide Drills - Precision Drilling in Non-Ferrous Materilas and Cast Iron
- Rigidity is 5-times that of comparable HSS drills
- Superior Accuracy
- Excellent Straightness
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CNC Machining — Carbide Drills — Cutters & Boring Bars
Manufacturing Resources

Why Accuromm?

Our state of the art machinery and computerized inspection processes help ensure complete accuracy.

  • Engineered precision holes and total tooling for less dollars.
  • Manufacture Drills, Cutters and Reamers.
  • Pioneer of the G7-Drill, a straight flute drill that combines drilling and reaming into one operation.
  • Multi-step G-drills and reamers.
  • Poly-Crystalline Diamond-tipped cutting edges.
  • Brazed tools in carbide and PCD (Poly-Crystalline Diamond).
  • Distribute Fuji Seiko special tooling.
  • Coating available.
  • Design and Engineering services.

Production Machining

CNC Walters

CNC Walters
We have 4 CNC Walters machines for cutting
chamfers, angles, radii, step lengths and regrinding
of carbide cutting edges.

CNC Profile

CNC Profile
We have five profile machines for cutting chamfers,
angles, radii, and step lengths in tight areas.


CNC Pocket Cut

CNC Pocket Cut
This CNC mill is used to remove material in the
carbide, thereby creating a pocket for the PCD.

CNC Flute

CNC Flute
We have six fully CNC flute machines for cutting
surface reliefs, margins and removing large areas
of material.

Electronic Discharge Machine (EDM)

Electronic Discharge Machine
We have four fully CNC EDM machines for cutting
chamfers, angles, radii, step lengths and regrinding
on PCD cutting edges.

Tool Sizes Commonly Available

Carbide Drills & Carbide Brazed Drills with Steel Shanks
Diameters: 3mm - 35mm
Lengths: 50mm - 350mm

Cutters and Boring Bars available in larger sizes

PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond) and Coolant Holes are available for tool diameters of 5mm and above.
Dual Dimensioning Drawings are also available.