High Performance Machining

Accuromm USA leads the way in high performance machining for the automotive and aeronautical industries.When it comes to high-performance machining, talk to the experts at Accuromm USA in Lexington, Kentucky. High-speed machining (HSM) is a methodology that focuses on extremely fast, but light, low pressure cuts. The result is an overall increase in the material removal rate. High-performance machining (HPM) or high-speed performance (HSP) has come a long way over the years.  Enabled by advances in tooling and control capabilities, high-performance machining is finding wider acceptance in aerospace applications. Although especially good for aluminum, the technique is finding its place in composites and hard-metal machining as well. In the last 20 years, huge strides have been made in a relatively short period of time and high-performance machining has now achieved widespread acceptance by today’s manufacturers.

Machine tools are the main production factor for many industrial applications, in important sectors such as the automotive and aeronautical industry, precision parts and mechanical construction. Recent developments in new motion devices and numerical control have led to considerable technological improvements in machine tools. The use of 5-axis machining centers has also spread, resulting in reductions in set-up and lead times. As a consequence, feed rates, cutting speed and chip section have increased, while accuracy and precision have improved as well. Today's machines and machining processes are clearly very different from those of the past.

High-performance machining (HPM) takes advantage of technology to do what makes the most sense for the job, to yield the best results and production output and reach a desired business goal.  Utilizing Accuromm tooling along with High-performance machining (HPM) can improve the machining outputs by using higher-than-normal spindle speeds coupled with extraordinarily high feed rates without compromising the quality of the finished part.

High-performance machining encompasses all types of machining operations and is more than high feeds and speeds. High-performance machining is achieved when the best, most cost effective technologies along with collaborative information are put to use.  High-performance machining is a comprehensive package, taking into consideration existing and potential machine tools, tooling, tool holders, fixtures, part processing and machining strategies.  Due to rapid progress in production technology, processes are constantly optimized and often exhausted up to their performance limits. The introduction of new high-strength materials and wear-protective coatings continuously creates new challenges for machining. Thus, developing machining processes with geometrically defined cutting edges comprises analysis and optimization of characteristic process variables. In addition to the higher spindle speeds, numerous other factors like feed, chip loading, width and depth of cut, cutter path, tooling, machine construction, CNC-machine controls and CAM software all impact the HSM process. Most conventional CNC machines are equipped with a spindle with lower rpm limits (under 12,000 rpm), so the term "high-speed machining" is adopted. At Accuromm we have the service and engineering teams with the both the background and the passion to see your HPM project through to complete success.

Not only in high performance machining, Accuromm and Fuji Seiko Ltd. are world leaders in total tooling manufacturing. We not only design cutting tools, but we also manufacture drills, reamers, and related products for use in machining engines, drivetrains, transmissions, brakes, and other applications. Our consistent effort to design and produce more efficient tooling systems has paved the way to excellent customer relations.

If it’s not feasible to invest in a new 5-axis machining center, talk to Accuromm about applying aspects of high-performance machining to older machines, thereby improving production output.  For more information, contact us at sales@accuromm.com.