Custom Carbide End Mills

Accuromm has been expertly manufacturing custom carbide end mills, regrinding end mills and custom form tools since 1989. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, Accuromm manufactures custom carbide end mills of the highest quality.

Performance demands precision tooling. Our precision custom end mills at Accuromm USA are designed to provide exceptional multi-directional cutting in applications such as profile milling, tracer milling, face milling and plunging. Our quality design and craftsmanship consistently serve our clientele. Precision accuracy is an industrial must.

Accuromm high performance carbide end mills support extreme cutting capabilities and long tool life. Our custom carbide end mills are designed for top performance when machining difficult materials and when high precision is paramount. We produce prototype and custom carbide end mills with a quick turn-around time.

We specialize in custom manufacturing of high speed steel cobalt, and solid carbide or carbide tipped cutting tools made to your specifications. Every product we make is manufactured and inspected with state-of- the-art equipment for precise, repeatable quality and precision. We manufacture, sharpen, regrind and repair cutting tools of all types and sizes at Accuromm USA.

Accuromm USA has significant expertise in manufacturing custom carbide end mills for demanding applications.Accuromm specializes in solid, custom carbide end mills:

  • •    Custom carbide end mills for heavy-duty milling
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for high-feed side milling
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for high-feed face milling 
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for stable multi-operations milling
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for hard part milling 
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for large chip removal
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for finishing 
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for profiling  
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for edging applications  
  • •    Custom carbide end mills for micro-machining 

Accuromm carbide end mills provide better rigidity, wear-resistance, and heat-resistance than high-speed steel end mills. Solid carbide end mill cutters can be used for high-speed applications on cast iron, nonferrous materials, plastics, and other tough-to-machine materials. Carbide end mills provide better rigidity and can be run 2-3X faster than high-speed steel end mills (HSS).

Accuromm USA, Inc. and parent company Fuji Seiko, LTD have significant expertise in manufacturing custom carbide end mills for demanding applications.  We can help you design the right geometry, number of flutes, corner configurations, and PVD coatings to give you the highest level of productivity.  Custom carbide end mills can reduce your costs by combining multiple milling operations into one. We have expertise in milling carbon steels, stainless steels, cast and ductile irons, aluminum, titanium, and high temperature alloys.

Custom carbide tooling at Accuromm is second to none. Our knowledge of the industry and attention to detail translates into the highest quality carbide products available.  We stock a wide range of carbide grades and sizes which enables us to provide fast delivery of your tooling. Our expertise and equipment allow us to meet nearly any size requirement.

Accuromm and Fuji Seiko Ltd. are world leaders in total tooling manufacturing. We not only manufacture custom carbide end mills and custom carbide inserts, but we also manufacture cutting tools, drills, reamers, and related products for use in machining engines, drivetrains, transmissions, brakes, Aerospace and other applications. Our consistent effort to design and produce more efficient tooling systems has paved the way to excellent customer relations.

When it comes to custom carbide end mills, Accuromm leads the way.  For more information, contact us at