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PCD G-Drill,G-Reamers and Brazed Cutter
PCD and Carbide Drills - Precision Drilling in Non-Ferrous Materilas and Cast Iron
- Rigidity is 5-times that of comparable HSS drills
- Superior Accuracy
- Excellent Straightness
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About Accuromm USA
Leader in Total Tooling Manufacturing

Accuromm USA, Inc. was established in 1989 and began production in December of the following year. Combined with our parent company Fuji Seiko Ltd. of Japan, we bring more than 60 years of experience in the metal cutting fields to every assignment. With our world-wide network of sister companies, we are large enough to fill complex orders, yet flexible enough to turn around an order in weeks - even days.

Accuromm and Fuji Seiko Ltd. are world leaders in total tooling manufacturing. We design and manufacture drills, reamers, and related products for the use in machining engines, drivetrains, transmissions, brakes, and other applications, primarily in the automotive and small engine industry. Our consistent effort to design and produce more efficient tooling systems has paved the way to excellent customer relations.

"Accuromm's customer service is what sets them apart. They always strive to meet our demanding schedule needs."

By manufacturing to our own high standards and specifications, we have assisted our customers in manufacturing products of the highest quality. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, especially where productivity improvements are needed.

"I have entrusted Accuromm with keeping my department stocked with tools for over ten years."

We firmly believe that our products and services will be of great value to you in making progress toward higher precision and more efficient machining processes. We care about the efficiency of your manufacturing processes as if they were our own. Our local team will work with you to assure the best operational solutions and will continue to pursue further enhancements. We just won't quit!

"Accuromm tooling has helped our facility achieve quality, cycle times, extended tool life,
and increased productivity which increases profitability."

The employees of Accuromm ensure that our tools will be cost effective, designed and manufactured to exceed customer expectations, and with timely delivery and service.