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PCD G-Drill,G-Reamers and Brazed Cutter
PCD and Carbide Drills - Precision Drilling in Non-Ferrous Materilas and Cast Iron
- Rigidity is 5-times that of comparable HSS drills
- Superior Accuracy
- Excellent Straightness
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Carbide and PCD-Tipped Drills and Reamers and Special Fabricated Tools

Poly-Crystalline Diamond (PCD) cutting tools are designed for superior machining and surface finish. Combining roughing and finishing into one tool reduces cycle times and improves profitability. Accuromm USA provides various types of cutting tools, making full use of PCD where applicable. Both drills and inserts are manufactured using these materials to provide superior machining and finishing characteristics. Combined with the expertise and capabilities of Fuji Seiko, Ltd., Accuromm offers our customers "total tooling" with service world wide.